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Context Sensitivity (written with Ernie Lepore)

Published in the Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Language (edited by Gillian Russell and Delia Graff Fara), this is a basic introduction to debates about which sentences are context sensitive, and about how context sensitivity should be accomodated in semantic theory.

Introduction to Philosophy (written with Steve Stich)

This will be a short introduction to philosophy, for use in 100-level university courses. Here are the provisional chapter headings:

1 Arguments for the existence of God
2 Pragmatic arguments for the existence of God
3 The problem of evil
4 Can we trust our senses?
5 The problem of induction
6 Personal identity
7 Do we have free will
8 The philosophy mind
9 Is morality objective?
10 Meaning and value
11 Normative ethics
12 Applied ethics
Appendix: Analyzing arguments
The book will be published by OUP.